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Accurate data, transparency, reliability, research, and confidentiality: TIL is the test laboratory designed around the customer.
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Fashion, sustainability, cosmetics, food, forensic analyses. Explore our specialisations and find out everything we can do for your products.


Research and Development

From geolocation of organic cotton to checks of vegan products and full assessment of PFAS products. A selection of highly innovative tests and checks, made possible by extremely cutting-edge technological equipment, dealing with the most recent challenges from the fashion world and cosmetics industry, checking sustainability, quality, safety and the origin of raw materials and finished products.

Meeting the reliable performance requirements for product compliance as a strategic factor in accessing markets worldwide.
Exploring Innovation

Experience the guarantee that comes with a scientific approach to your needs and tests.

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Research and Development, Customer Service and Quality Division. Two separate divisions, working in synergy to offer the fashion and cosmetics industry expertise and top-of-the-range testing technologies, research, development, and constant technical and regulatory updates for product compliance without compromise.

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TIL is a laboratory with ISO 17025 certification and over 250 tests with Accredia accreditation and a range of international accreditations, and certifications, such as CCMI, MHLW, CPSC; ZDHC and The Microfiber Consortium, which ensure the quality and reliability of its tests, guaranteeing full recognition in all reference markets.

A team of technicians and laboratory experts who, with excellent experience in the sector, work alongside the customer to solve every problem.
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