Approach and values

Putting the customer at the centre. A suite of bespoke chemical and physical-mechanical conformity tests.

Our efficient working method, based on organisation, professionalism, and scientific rigour allows us to increase our values of reliability, reactivity, punctuality and precision.

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The key points of our approach are the result of our organisation and of the wealth of values that inspire us every day:

Reliable, validated data

Fabrics, hides, leather items, footwear, but also plastic and accessories in metal; in all cases, the results of our tests and conformity analyses are both reliable and certified. To guarantee the data from our tests, there is a long list of accreditations, highly specialised company know-how and next-generation technological equipment.

Quick, customised answers

Guaranteeing and reducing time to market is an aim to keep in mind at all times. That is why we have developed a software platform that can be easily integrated with the management software of each client, which makes the results of each test available in real time, securely and confidentially.

Customised, bespoke service

Independently of the sector (baby and child products, fashion, textiles, cosmetics, etc.), the materials to be tested (fabrics, leather, metal accessories, plastic) or the number of tests (chemical or physical-mechanical) to be performed on each sample, our analysis and conformity testing service is completely customisable, as well as orientated towards consultancy and problem solving.

Privacy and confidentiality

Every day we deal with companies that make their money from product innovation and we are well aware how much working with product compliance requires the utmost secrecy when dealing with data and information. This is why we implement stringent privacy and confidentiality procedures, which we extend to all employees and apply at every stage of our work and we also ensure protected data storage.

Constantly updated expertise

The excellence of our staff is constantly updated through our top-level training programme, allowing us to accept even the most challenging proposals with enthusiasm.

Continued innovation

At TIL we incentivise the value of curiosity and creativity, essential extras for the achievement of innovation, and we promote research as a cornerstone of our operating approach.


We make the most of skills, commitment, preparation and professional expertise, whether focused or across a range of disciplines, fostering continued skills updates and encouraging trust, respect and reliability among our teams and in our relationships with customers.

Meeting reliable performance requirements for product compliance as a strategic factor in accessing markets worldwide.