Regulatory and Product Compliance Consultancy

Regulatory and Product Compliance Consultancy

International standards and requirements on international markets. Regulatory consultancy for conscious decision-making concerning product compliance.


Knowing regulations, risks, developments and limits inherent to production and export operations for products on the international market and, especially, to be informed on the requirements of international markets is objectively a strategic competitive advantage for every brand working in the high fashion and luxury cosmetics sectors.

Only in this way can a business be in a position to optimise operations, slim down company processes, perfect supply chains, and make advance checks of product compliance to standards (e.g. Chinese Product Standards) for footwear, textiles, clothing, fur and cosmetics, thereby avoiding expensive problems, customs blocks, expensive fines, legal problems and delays.

Consolidated knowledge of global standards and years of experience in non-EU markets, especially in Asia, mean we can make available consultancy services to support the production and export process for products from the stage of checking design ideas and prototypes, making sure that procedures and materials are compliant to international standards and providing strategies to optimise processes and achieve maximum quality and safety with the minimum necessary expenditure in terms of time and money.

We put ourselves at the service of the customers to provide them with all the information, advice and tests needed to understand future performance of a product, implications with regard to standards and any critical issues for which we provide an advance problem-solving approach.

Regulatory consultancy service including different intervention areas, including:
  • Support to check conformity for the European marketplace based on REACH regulations to protect against risks arising from the use of chemicals, including SVHCs, assessment of chemical safety conformity of products and items with regard to the specific regulations of individual EU countries.
  • Support to check compliance for the Chinese market, based on GB standards for textiles, footwear, leather goods, furs, toys, furnishing and furniture items and accessories, cosmetics, packaging.
  • Supporto per la verifica di conformità per il mercato USA in base alle normative CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) riguardanti articoli di consumo che presentano un rischio di incendio, esposizione chimica, malfunzionamento elettrico o guasto meccanico.
  • Support for checking conformity for the Californian market based on state regulation Proposition 65 with regard to consumer items that can lead to contamination from toxic substances such that could cause cancer or genetic defects and which forces the company to provide warnings to consumers with regard to just one of the 900 substances listed.
  • Support for conformity checks and for preparation of PRSL (Product Restricted Substances List) for brands in the fashion system and other supply lines.
  • Support in preparing specifications and MRSL sustainability.