Optical, electron microscopy and X-ray analysis

Optical, electron microscopy and X-ray analysis laboratory

Microscopy and XR analysis with next-generation instruments.


The instruments and equipment in the microscopy laboratory serve for the performance of routine testing such as identification of the composition of textiles made using fine animal fibres blended with wool, thickness identification of metallographic thickness of galvanic layers, identification of different types of leather, etc.

As well as this type of testing, the microscopy laboratory is widely used for morphological/structural testing and tests of elementary chemical composition which can be used to identify the nature and origin of flaws in different items and materials that are often subjected to laboratory scrutiny.

This laboratory is fitted with ultra-modern equipment:
  • Optical microscopy: stereomicroscopy and transparent microscopy with advanced software that can be used for the dimensional measurement of the materials examined
  • Scanning Electron Microscopy and microanalysis (SEM-EDX): high-tech equipment that can be used for morphology tests and for elementary chemical testing of a wide range of materials
  • X-ray fluorescence (XRF): technology used for non-destructive measurement of thicknesses of galvanic layers on metal accessories, jewellery, fashion jewellery, eyewear and watches