Perfluorinated Products [ PFAS ]

Perfluorinated Products [PFAS]

Screening of the total organic fluoride to see perfluorinated compounds (PFAS).


Common systems used to detect perfluorinated compounds (PFAS) do not guarantee that the item examined has been treated or not with water-repellent perfluorinated products Currently, the laboratory tests normally used can detect approx. 50 PFAS molecules out of the over 4,000 that we know of.

The search for total organic fluoride, an element generally not found in a textile matrix or in leather, which allows us to detect the use of perfluorinated compounds, even outside the 50 molecules currently dosable.

This analytical approach was recently introduced by legislation in California, which since 2025, has prohibited the sale of textiles containing more than 100 mg/kg of Total Organic Fluoride.

TIL is currently able to perform this test using ultra-modern instruments: Combustion Ion Cromatography (ICI).