Customer Service

Customer service

A Customer Service that is proactive and prepared to answer the analysis and testing needs of every customer.


From the first contact to receipt of samples, through to sharing bespoke answers and in real time, our Customer Service team represents the hub in an approach to bespoke analysis and testing tailored to the product compliance needs of every customer.

Response speed is another of the differentiated aspects of our department: we are in fact always ready, at any time, to assist our clients and constantly connected to them, thanks to technology.

The process begins with the sample which arrives and is scanned and identified by bar code to be automatically inserted within a powerful web platform, specifically developed by TIL to allow its customers to follow every step and to know the results of tests in real time, while awaiting the final report.

Safe, solid, reliable, and complete with an alert system with notifications and capacity to interface with the management software of every customer, the platform records the history of all tests to the cloud, and provides detailed reports of all operations, making it possible to cut lead time for results to a minimum and to structure personalised reports with statistics and comparisons on the data collected.