TIL signs an agreement with the Korean laboratory Katri

The focus of the collaboration is on research and development and sustainability projects

[ Innovation ]
TIL signs an agreement with the Korean laboratory Katri

Sharing experiences and developing joint research initiatives: these are the main objectives of the cooperation agreement between the Korean analysis and research laboratory Katri and the TIL laboratory. This is an important exchange of knowledge, aimed at deepening some topics that have already been defined and that concern issues of mutual interest.
A delegation from Katri visited the laboratory and appreciated the technologies present.
In the coming months, a delegation from the TIL laboratory will visit KATRI’s headquarters in Seoul to verify the ongoing collaboration.
Research and development will focus on textiles and leather materials as well as metal components and cosmetic products.
Research will also extend to sustainability-related topics, such as geolocalisation of raw materials, analysis of biobased products, and identification of recycled materials.
Particular attention will be paid to the use of artificial intelligence and advanced analytical techniques: the Korean team works with advanced collaborative robotics techniques, as well as TIL in evaluating the performance of finished products in order to make durability-related assessments.
The use of artificial intelligence is also being extended by the two laboratories for innovative projects aimed at the ‘automatic’ execution of microscopic analyses of blends of wool and fine animal fibres (cashmere) by means of image analysis techniques performed by AI.
Naturally, the agreement also aims to have a direct relationship with Korea’s most important performance and compliance control body for fashion products that are imported into South Korea and must comply with their stringent requirements.