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As well as our specialisation in conformity testing for high fashion and cosmetics, we offer a range of verticalised tests in specialist fields, such as eco-sustainability, food contact, and forensic testing.

Tests and analyses for the fashion and cosmetics markets are not our only specialist areas. In fact, we have been an extremely well-qualified point of reference for testing and analyses in the field of environment and industrial sustainability as far as regards tests on chemicals, waste water and sludge; in food contact to establish the composition of packaging materials destined to come into contact with foods and the relevant transfer tests; forensic tests, especially for characterising fire residues and SEM-EDX microscope analyses, and baby products for all safety tests, whether chemical or mechanical.

  • Fashion system: fashion, fabrics, textiles, clothing and relevant accessories
  • Leather goods, hides, furs and relevant accessories
  • Footwear and relevant accessories
  • Cosmetics
  • Jewellery, eyewear and relevant accessories
  • Environment and industrial sustainability
  • Food Contact
  • Forensic testing
  • Clothing for babies and children
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Research and Development

From geolocation of organic cotton to checks of vegan products and full assessment of PFAS products. A selection of highly innovative tests and checks, made possible by extremely cutting-edge technological equipment, dealing with the most recent challenges from the fashion world and cosmetics industry, checking sustainability, quality, safety and the origin of raw materials and finished products.