Meeting reliable performance and safety requirements for product conformity at international levels as a strategic factor when accessing the world's markets.

Incoming goods need to meet a series of increasingly stringent conformity requirements that are meticulously checked by government bodies.

Every country sets its own series of increasingly stringent conformity requirements that goods must meet, and which are constantly changing as well as carefully checked by government bodies. Regularly exporting to these countries therefore requires bespoke product strategies, which often involve all processes, from design through to production and quality control.

[ Mission ]
We are strategic partners to brands in fashion, cosmetics and food contact, testing, validating and improving the quality and conformity of products for all of their target markets.

The corporate mission of our laboratory is achieved in working alongside and supporting all our customers in their product compliance and product performance activities, making a full package of tests and analyses available, together with vanguard technologies and specialist skills that are able to provide precise indications as to how to improve production processes and product quality with regard to the technical conformity required on the different markets they export to.

A team of specialists working for your product conformity.
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