Test & Innovation Lab

Inaugurated in Prato in 2021 on an industrial archaeology site, TIL, Test & Innovation Lab, is one of the most modern, evolved test laboratories in the whole of Italy.

Years of know how, 4.0 technological equipment, detailed knowledge of regulations, and analytical methods are what qualify us as ideal partners for international brands in fashion, cosmetics, jewellery, eyewear, watches, and more, who are looking to improve the whole supply chain in terms of the safety, reliability, and technical conformity of their products with regard to the highly complex different standards in force in the international markets they are selling to.

Specialist know how and next-generation technology make TIL a cutting-edge accredited laboratory.

A laboratory that can work alongside the industries in the fashion supply chain, cosmetics, manufacturers of auxiliary chemicals and materials for food-contact when it comes to checking and improving product quality and conformity throughout the supply chain.

TIL: the laboratory with Accredia accreditation for fashion industry product compliance and much more.

We offer these companies a full, cutting-edge suite of over 1000 different tests, including over 250 tests with ISO 17025 accreditation, accompanied by customised, consultancy and problem solving focused on identifying the most efficient, beneficial solutions to suit the needs of each customer.

The high-end fashion and cosmetics industries are not the only spheres in which we specialise: for some time we have been an accredited laboratory for all chemical and physical-mechanical tests and conformity testing for alternative fields, such as products for babies and children, environmental sustainability, and food contact.

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Our figures showcase our dynamism and every year, they are a source of pride and an incentive to do even better.

[ 2.000 m2 ]

Operating facility

[ 1.149 ]

Test codes

[ 250+ ]

Accredited tests

[ 250.000 ]

Tests and analyses performed in a single year

Putting the customer at the centre. A suite of bespoke chemical and physical-mechanical conformity tests.
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