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Omics [ Proteomics ]

Proteomic testing and new approaches for the identification of fine fibres using omics.


Omics are vanguard tests and a safe way to check and certify the origin of fine fibres.

Omics sciences are the ultimate frontier in studying, checking, characterising and forecasting biological systems. Over the last few years, the study of these sciences has led to giant steps forward in the knowledge of cell functioning mechanisms, representing an effective, secure method for checking and certifying the origin of fine fibres.

The approach to omic sciences has made it possible to complete development of proteomic testing to identify fine fibres such as cashmere, alpaca, yak and camel, to be able to check the fibre composition of the relevant textile materials with certainty.

Proteomic testing can be used to identify finished leathers, in particular if exotic, to verify, for example, if a specific sample comes from an alligator or crocodile, or is used to identify different fur types (fox, mink, raccoon, murmasky).