CPSC Accreditation

TIL has been awarded CPSC accreditation by the U.S. Commission of Consumer Product Safety

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In order to export certain categories of consumer products to the USA, it is essential to perform certain tests to ensure the consumers safety: for this reason, federal law in the United States requires manufacturers and importers to test many consumer products for compliance with safety requirements. TIL has obtained accreditation as a third-party laboratory and is able to test products following the strict safety protocol required by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Based on passing the test results, manufacturers or importers must certify the consumer product as meeting applicable product safety standards.

CPSC’s goal is to ensure that consumer products placed on the US market are safe, for this it has developed a set of requirements, that are among the strictest in the world.

For this, the Commission issues and enforces mandatory standards that are verified by third-party laboratories, as TIL is. In the case of violation and the placing on the market of harmful products, the Commission can get the product recall. It is therefore essential for the exporting companies to work with a partner that is able to test the product and, in case of problems, can propose possible solutions. An activity that TIL, with its team of researchers and experts, carries out on a daily basis.

In particular, TIL has received accreditation for several tests, such as: the determination of phthalates, lead in paints, the assessment of the fire behaviour of textile products, etc.

The full list of accreditations received is available here.