Valid, customised consultancy to better manage your product conformity.

Technical, standards, and product compliance consultancy to ascertain product conformity and reduce the risk of damages or sanctions. Supervision for tests on the PRSL and to check the requirements of international markets on the subject of footwear, textiles, clothing, leather goods, and cosmetics. Support in solving technical problems and for product development, from the design stages.

The technical consultancy, standard consultancy and risk management service provides businesses in the fashion industry, cosmetics and food contact an all-round view of all processes linked to obtaining product conformity for the international marketplace, from the initial stages of prototyping through to expert into major countries all over the world.

The consultancy service – a genuine added value of our operating approach – is constantly supported by our research and development activities and includes different areas of intervention, including:

  • Support in drawing up safety specifications (PRSL) based on standard requirements currently in force on the different markets where our clients sell their products.
  • Support in preparing and checking the sustainability parameters described in the MRSL (Manufacturers Restricted Substances List).
  • Validation of design choices for new products.
  • Analysis of new materials and raw materials.
  • Benchmarking for raw materials and products.
  • Adoption, certification and validation of new production processes.
  • Qualification of new suppliers.
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Research and Development

From geolocation of organic cotton to checks of vegan products and full assessment of PFAS products. A selection of highly innovative tests and checks, made possible by extremely cutting-edge technological equipment, dealing with the most recent challenges from the fashion world and cosmetics industry, checking sustainability, quality, safety and the origin of raw materials and finished products.