Fashion system

Fashion System

Conformity tests for the national and international fashion markets.


Continued changes to regulations and the growing number of standards imposed by all countries in terms of conformity, together with an increasing knowledge among global consumers all mean that fashion brands are having to reassess all of their production parameters (quality, performance, sustainability, packaging, etc.). Our commitment to these businesses is that of assisting in dealing with product compliance effectively and responsibly, supporting them with careful, innovative consulting, analysis and testing activities.

Main conformity areas and markets
  • Tests and conformity analyses for US market, based on CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) standards for consumer items with a risk of fire, chemical exposure, electrical malfunction or mechanical failure.
  • Conformity tests and analyses for the European market, based onREACH regulations to protect the risks from chemicals, including SVHC (Substances of Very High Concern) substances.
  • Conformity tests and analyses for the Chinese market, based on GB regulations for textile products, footwear, leather goods, fur, toys, items and accessories for furnishing, cosmetics, and packaging.
  • Conformity tests and analyses for the Californian market based on State regulations Proposition 65 concerning consumer goods that can create contamination from toxic substances to the extent of being able to cause cancer, or defects of genetic origin and which forces companies to provide warnings to consumers with regard to just one of the 900 substances listed.
  • Conformity tests and analyses and relevant checks concerning PRSL (Product Restricted Substances List) for brands in the fashion system and other production chains.