4.0 Laboratories

4.0 Laboratories

4.0 laboratories, specialised in conformity certification of products integrated with the customers’ processes.

Discover the excellence of our high-tech laboratories, which ensure customisation and certified results in real time, reducing wait times to a minimum and therefore, their effect on your production times.

Developed in our recently completed premises, our laboratories occupy 1,600 m2 of the over 2,600 m2 of the whole company. They are divided according to specialising and consist of five large adjacent but separate rooms, controlled to avoid any minimum and remote possibility of contamination. The laboratories report back to the different company operational departments.

Safety, quality, efficiency, performance speed, certified results, customisation abilities, are all key points in cutting-edge, constantly upgraded technological equipment: from mass spectrometry to electron microscopes, through to next-generation Real Time PCR machinery to provide an excellent, reliable service.

Exploring Innovation

Experience the guarantee that comes with a scientific approach to your needs and tests.

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Research and Development, Customer Service and Quality Division. Two separate divisions, working in synergy to offer the fashion and cosmetics industry expertise and top-of-the-range testing technologies, research, development, and constant technical and regulatory updates for product compliance without compromise.

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TIL is a laboratory with ISO 17025 certification and over 250 tests with Accredia accreditation and a range of international accreditations, and certifications, such as CCMI, MHLW, CPSC; ZDHC and The Microfiber Consortium, which ensure the quality and reliability of its tests, guaranteeing full recognition in all reference markets.