TIL Academy

TIL Academy

An in-house, highly specialised training centre, placed at the service of business and used to improve the skills of laboratory staff.

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To embrace innovation and maintain the highest levels of support for all customers, we constantly invest not only in instrumental updates, but also in the technical and professional growth of our team and our clients.

The fashion and luxury industries, like other sectors, continue to evolve and with them, the product standards concerning conformity. To provide a service able to fully satisfy the needs of our clients, often anticipating them, training is an essential means to update teams, enrich them with skills across the board and develop innovative solutions based on new needs and on changing situations. TIL Academy is often used by our clients to provide their resources with the knowledge and means needed to boost their skills portfolio in the following areas:

  • Quality and product compliance management
  • Products and processes in the fashion supply chain
  • National and international regulations
  • New trends and technological innovation
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Fashion, sustainability, cosmetics, food, forensic analyses. Explore our specialisations and find out everything we can do for your products.


Research and Development

From geolocation of organic cotton to checks of vegan products and full assessment of PFAS products. A selection of highly innovative tests and checks, made possible by extremely cutting-edge technological equipment, dealing with the most recent challenges from the fashion world and cosmetics industry, checking sustainability, quality, safety and the origin of raw materials and finished products.