Durability of materials

An innovative equipment makes it possible to assess the performance and estimate the durability of metal and plastic accessories used in leather goods, footwear and clothing.

[ Innovation ]

It is certainly one of the most ambitious objectives, on which the legislations of many countries around the world are being measured: ensuring the garments ‘durability is one of the most important action to reduce overproduction and the environmental impact of fashion.

The durability of leather goods (bags, backpacks, wallets, belts, etc.), as well as that of clothing and footwear is also determined by the quality of accessories, which must be aesthetically pleasing, functional, but above all, they must withstand prolonged use.

The new equipment that has just been installed in TIL’s performance laboratory (ART-Bench – Accessories Reciprocal Test Bench – Table for measuring behavior under repeated stress), makes it possible to assess the resistance to repeated stress of hooks, clamps, zips, metal and plastic fasteners and other small parts quickly, accurately and above all objectively. An extraordinary equipment to ensure performance and durability, an important help in the design phase of articles.