ZDHC – Accredited Lab

ZDHC protocol, TIL becomes approved laboratory for MSRL and Gateway Wastewater modules

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After a thorough evaluation process, TIL has been recognized by ZDHC as an approved laboratory to assess compliance with the Guidelines for MSRL and Gateway Wastewater modules.

The ZDHC guidelines aim to minimise the discharge of hazardous chemicals along the textile, clothing, leather goods and footwear value chain. This is an important check to ensure a low-impact production. Fashion brands often require from their suppliers, proof of compliance with the list of restricted substances, as defined by MSRL: adherence to the ZDHC guidelines is a proof of reliability that is highly demanded by the market.

Getting laboratory approval for the MSRL module means being able to certify compliance with ZDHC’s MSRL version 3.1 for chemicals used in the textile and leather industries.

Gateway Wastewater certification covers all wet-processing operations that use water in their processes. The aim is to analyse discharges from facilities, testing the compliance of wastewater and sludge with the ZDHC Waste Water Guidelines Version 2.1.

Being approved as accredited lab by ZDHC is an important recognition for TIL: Laboratories are approved by ZDHC on the basis of criteria that include the accreditation levels of the tests, the staff experience, the owned equipment and the processes in place to analyse wastewater and sludge samples.